Top Recipes of 2020

As we end 2020 – the year that most of us probably wish could have never happened – I thought I would round up some of the most popular recipes on the blog. At least we can agree that there were some delicious things to come out of this year.

Looking at my stats on the blog from this past year, I am always in awe of how many people visit the site on a regular basis. This year I had over 7,000 different visitors to my site! It may be a small number when compared to other big sites. But for a small nobody blogger like me, this is crazy to even think about! All these people from all over the world coming here to find a recipe! I am so grateful for each and every visit, like, and comment. And I thank you for bringing me into your kitchen!

Ok now to the round-up. I will do two roundups. First the Top 3 Recipes from the blog that you have visited the most this year. And then I’ll round up my Top 3 Recipes that I make the most at home.

Have you tried any of these recipes? Let me know!

Top 3 Recipes on the Blog in 2020

1. Bubble Tea Cake

This one consistently comes up as the most popular on the blog by a landslide! This and a few other of my dessert recipes always seem to come up each month. I think this means you like dessert recipes and I need to make more! So look out for more delicious desserts in 2021! In the meantime have you tried my no bake biscoff cheesecake or my pistachio rose semolina cake?

2. Easy Date and Nut Energy Balls

A really easy and quick protein and fat filled snack. Perfect for those of us with not enough time to eat during the day. I love to keep some in the fridge as a quick snack or meal option. But they don’t last long for us. Most of the time J will eat them up before I get a chance to have at them!

3. The Perfect Mac N’ Cheese

After having one of the best mac n’cheeses at a restaurant this summer, I took it upon myself to learn how to make it for myself at home. And I have to say, the tips and tricks I learnt and shared in this blog post make such a difference. If you haven’t tried this version of mac n’cheese you need to put this on the menu soon!

My Top 3 Favourite Recipes From the Blog for 2020

It is like being asked to pick a favourite child. I do love all the recipes I share. But there are always those few that I will crave regularly. I consistently come back to these recipes over and over. It is pretty handy to have a blog where I can find the recipe quickly! πŸ™‚

1. Shawarma with my Bomb Garlic Sauce

Cheating a bit since this is technically two recipes. But I will rarely make one without the other, and also some version of a crispy roasted potato. This meal will make it to our table at least once or twice a month. I like to keep the chicken marinated and ready to go in the freezer for a quick shawarma hit any day.

2. Jalapeno Cheddar Sourdough

This is probably more because of the quarantine life that I had to adjust to. Working from home has its perks and one of them is the ability for me to baby sit sourdough starter and turn it into something delicious on an almost weekly basis! I have not bought a loaf of bread in a long time. And I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. If you haven’t grown your own sourdough starter from scratch, there is still time! I had no idea what sourdough starter was in February this year. And now I am making sourdough pizza, pancakes and bread like its my job! :p

3. Chicken Fried Mushrooms from my new Ebook!

In case you missed it – I wrote and launched my own Ebook full of quick and easy recipes just this month!!!

Most of the recipes in there are things I come back to over and over. But one you will see me making regularly over on IG is my chicken fried mushrooms. They are basically a veg version of a crispy chicken strip. But also make a great crispy topping on salads, or in burgers. Just that recipe alone is worth the price of the Ebook. But also the paleo lahori fried fish, and my desi grilled cheese are really popular around here.

Have you had a chance to grab your copy? Click here to buy now! And thank you to those of you that already have bought a copy. I really do appreciate the support as it really helps keep this little blog going!

Thank you again. And Happy New Year folks! Here’s to hoping that we can only go up from here!

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