Food & Product Photography Portfolio

Whether you area food based business or restaurant, I would love to work with you! I primarily work with natural light, learning to paint the light to make your images jump off the screen. Telling a story with each and every image or video to make your audience hungry!

I can help tell your story with:

Restaurant Photography

Photographing location, food and drink items for your menu or social media. Packages can be customized from monthly menu item shoots for social media, to one time full menu/location shoot packages. I like to work with you to determine your goals and target market before presenting a creative shot list for your shoot. I like to work with you to help bring your restaurant’s ambiance and personality into the images creating a cohesive portfolio of images for your use. I also work with you to provide basic styling and props to create eye-catching images for you. We can create mouthwatering table scapes, focus on detailed product shots or create fun behind the scenes images that can bring your restaurant to life on screen. I am available to shoot on location (in the GTA area) or products can be delivered to me for photographing. Email me I would love to learn more about your business, and see how I can help tell your story.

Product Photography

Storytelling is the key focus with all my product photography – whether that is in one image or a series of images, I focus on working with you to understand your products and your target market before presenting an image concept that meets your goals. Email me to learn more.

Recipe Development

I love to come up with creative recipes incorporating products and providing step by step images or video featuring the product for social media to help bring the recipes to life. Most of my recipe videos and photos are on my IG feed. Email me to see how we can add a creative spin to your product.

GIF /Stop motion images

In this increasingly visual media based market, take your static images up a notch with a GIF or stop motion image. A great attention grabber especially for your social media feed!

Videography – Step by step videos for social media

Using an overhead style of shooting, I shoot step by step recipes so viewers can cook along. More video samples can be found on my IG Feed.

Packages can be customized to meet your needs.

Please reach out to me by email with your concept so that I can help bring your food or products to life!