Introducing The No Time to Eat EBook!!!

It’s finally here! This is the little project I have been working on since this summer! Man did this take so much hustle! But I am so proud of it!

First of all I really do have to thank my graphic designer sister who worked with me on the design of this EBook. If this looks good, it is all because of her! (Ok and a bit me too. I did take the pictures and write the recipes after all! ; ) So a HUGE thank you to her for making this little foodie’s dream a reality. I can now say I am an EBook author! How cool is that?!

Ok. So what is the No Time to Eat EBook? Read on to find out more!

The EBook Launch

It all started when this Pandemic hit hard this summer. I found myself trying to balance a busy work schedule, while working from home. Despite working a few feet away from my kitchen, I found I was working long hours and either skipping meals or spending way too much time wondering what to make for lunch or dinner.

I decided I needed a list of go to easy quick recipes that I can have ready to go for busy days when I have meetings back to back and can’t stop to cook a healthy meal. Or that I could just pass along to J to be able to easily cook us a meal while I finished up work.

Between virtual meetings, laundry and tantrums (yours or your kids – I’m not judging ;), do you feel like you don’t have time to get it all done? Or do you resort to take-out because you think you don’t have time to cook a healthy meal for yourself or your family?

I’ve been there! And here is my answer:

The No Time to Eat EBook

The No Time to Eat EBook is a collection of 40+ exclusive (not on the blog) recipes that are Quick, Simple & Healthy Work From Home Meals & Snacks createdΒ to help save you time and beat food boredom!

Every recipe is a quick and healthy meal you can make while working from home (or when you think you don’t have any time to cook) that are not your basic salad or cold leftovers! Eating healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of time. With these quick and simple meals, you can cook faster than having takeout delivered.

Tasty enough to keep even the pickiest of eaters (big or little) happy. I know – I am one of them!

The recipes are suitable for vegetarians, keto or paleo diets and I have divided all the recipes based on the amount of time it takes to cook. So you can find something to fit your schedule!

Want to learn more? Go here. You can see the list of recipes you will get, as well as a few sample pages. There is even a one week meal plan and a list of my pantry staples in the EBook.

If you do decide to support me and purchase this EBook, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You really are amazing and your support means the world to me! I really do hope you enjoy the recipes in this EBook they are some of my most favourite recipes. And don’t forget to tag me if you do make anything from the EBook!

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