Whole30 Week 1 Meal Plan

September Whole30 here we go!

Getting in my greens and protein

After a very, I mean VERY, indulgent summer J and I have decided to do another round of Whole30 this month.

My goal with this round is to help reset my body. Honestly this path few months I’ve not been feeling 100%, my belly pooch is a bit more to love than I like it to be, and I do feel I have become a little too addicted to sugar (I have my mid afternoon iced coffee or bubble tea runs to thank for that).

I want to be able to curb those cravings and get my energy back. I also find that on Whole 30 I manage to get almost no heartburn (which is a chronic issue for me) and the psoriasis in my scalp is much less inflamed. So here’s hoping to a whole body reset and a much healthier September/October!

We are starting a bit late in the month because honestly we had a few events to attend in the first few weeks of September and I didn’t want to miss out on the good eats!

But with weddings and parties out of the way, we are ready to commit to this for the next 30 days!

So for this next month I will share our meal plan and some of the recipes on here. I will also let you know how we are doing daily over on my Instagram stories so come follow me on there.

Week 1 Meal Plan:

Since this is the first week, I wanted to make sure we are well stocked so that we can manage cravings as painlessly as possible.

I’ve tucked away or hidden any ‘non-compliant’ foods or snacks so we are not tempted. And stocked our fridge & cupboards with all the good wholesome foods we like to eat.

J is a chronic snacker and prefers many small meals. I, on the other hand, am more of a three or even two square meals kinda gal, with not much snacking in between. As long as my meals are filling enough for me that is all I need. And water. Lots and lots of water.

So I need to make sure I have some solid meals full of protein & fat to fill us up. And of-course some ready to go foods in the fridge for J’s snack attacks.

This week we will also most likely be suffering from serious sugar withdrawal, so I am trying to keep lots of fruit and Whole30 compliant ‘desserts‘ on hand to help tame that sugar dragon.

And since we both also work full time, my goal is to cook as much as I can at once, and mix and match so we can and eat for multiple days without getting bored. One of the best ways I like to do this is to make one or two base proteins and then repurpose it into several meals.

This weekend I cooked up a whole bunch of ground chicken and beef and will eat it three ways – basil chicken stir fry (pad gra prow), beef tacos (in lettuce cups instead of tortilla), and a Whole30 chilli cheez fries.

The Menu for This Week:

  • Monday- Pad Gra Prow with fried egg & bean sprout ‘noodles’
  • Tuesday – Taco Tuesday (using my taco seasoning to flavour the protein, and served in lettuce cups)
  • Wednesday – Sheet Pan Bake – Sweet potato fries, Vegan nacho cheez & guac topped with leftover ground chicken
  • Friday – Zoodles & Meat Sauce (Using leftover ground beef and store bought compliant tomato sauce) with Salad
  • Dessert & Snacks- Key Lime Chia Pudding (substitute the maple syrup for A couple of dates blended into the coconut milk), my Two Ingredient Sugar Free Bark and lots of fruit options
  • I also made this dairy free Whole30 compliant spinach & artichoke dip that we can eat as a dip with veggies if we need a quick snack

The Prep

Since we start our Whole30 on Monday (tomorrow!), I spent a few hours this Saturday and Sunday prepping.

I cooked the ground chicken for the pad gra prow and a big batch of ground beef with simple seasonings – onions, garlic, salt, whole black pepper and a cinnamon stick. Once cooked, I used half for the Shami kebabs which I froze for later, and the rest will be kept in the fridge and used for our tacos and the meat sauce for the zoodles. I also recruited J to help make the ‘desserts’ (since he will likely be the one eating them all anyways!).

Each night we will either reheat and eat or do some minimal prep to put together the meal for that evening. We will also make sure to make a double batch each night, so that we have lunches ready to go for the next day.

Breakfast most days will be a couple of eggs, an avocado with a generous sprinkle of my everything seasoning and a bulletproof coffee (with all the fat and collagen to help keep me full longer).

I am trying sweet potato toast too. I sliced a couple of sweet potatoes thinly, sprayed with avocado oil and baked at 400*F for 25 mins till fork tender. In keep them in the fridge and if we want ‘toast’ we will reheat a few slices in the toaster and top as if it was bread.

Sweet Potato ‘Toast’

I also have a batch of my jalapeno garlic breakfast sausages in the freezer. We will mix and match to make breakfast each day. I might switch it up and throw the eggs on some salad greens, or just eat some leftovers from the night before. Either way, I’m a big fan of eggs. They are nature’s multivitamin after all, so I love my egg filled breakfasts (or dinners)!

And thats it. We are ready to start our Whole30!

Got any suggestions to help us get through the first week? (I’m going to miss bread and sugar so much!) Or have a question about my meal prep/plan? Are you trying any of the recipes? Hit me up in the comments below!

Check in with me on my insta stories to see how we make out this week!

Back next week with the Week 2 Meal Plan. Stay tuned! 🙂

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