Ramadan Healthy Recipe Round-up

Ramadan is coming! And I am in full meal prep mode getting ready for our long 16-hour fasts.

So, for all my muslim friends, and for those of you intermittent fasting in general, here’s some recipe inspiration for you!

I find that during Ramadan I tend to have little energy for long involved recipes. So meal prep and make ahead freezer meals become even more important. These are some of my favourite quick and easy make ahead meals that you can keep in your fridge or freezer to just re-heat and eat for sehri (the pre-dawn morning meal) or for iftar (to break your fast). And they are healthy, so you don’t resort to eating something that makes you feel sluggish and gross instead. Especially when you are hungry after a long fast.

And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Who is fasting this Ramadan? What’s your favorite thing to eat during this month? I’ll be sharing a few new favs I’ve come up with soon!

Deviled eggs – a great way to load up on protein and fat to keep you going all day long.
Get some veggies and protein with this kale frittata
Breakfast sausages – not just for breakfast!
Sneak in some veggies into these chicken kebabs – these are great to keep in the freezer for a quick bite.
I keep a batch of these shami kebabs in the freezer at all times.
A perfect meal with just the right amount of protien, carbs, fibre and fat.

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