Ramadan Healthy Recipe Roundup – 2022

Another trip around the sun and we are back at it again! Ramadan is only a few weeks away and the meal prep (and the mental prep) is happening now!

For those of you starting to think about the food, here’s a few of my favourite recipes from the blog that I will probably be making/craving this Ramadan. Sticking to easy, one pot meals with loads of protein, good fats and carbs to keep us going after a long day of fasting. I hope you try some too! Which one is your fave?

And stay tuned this month as I post a few more family faves!

If you missed the previous years’ roundups, you can find them here and here and here .

Now onto this years faves!

Starting it off with a one pot wonder – Nothing says comfort than a big bowl of khichadi and a side of dhai (yogurt). It is honestly the perfect meal to break a long fast. Carbs for energy in the rice, protein from the lentils and the yogurt and some good fats in the garlic tardka (tempering) on top! Serve this with some zeera aloo or some easy stir-fry green beans to get your veggies in too!

One thing we will all be craving is a good old samosa. But I honestly cant be bothered with the deep frying. So these samosa pinwheels get you all those flavours and crunch with the added flavour of a buttery flakey puff pastry crust! You just can’t go wrong with this one!

As the energy levels start to dwindle, I want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen so quick recipes or make ahead recipes are a life saver. This quick goan shrimp curry is ready in about 15-20 mins. Swap out the shrimp for salmon for an even healthier twist. Just air fry or bake the salmon with some salt & pepper (375F for 10 mins works for me). While the salmon cooks, make the curry. Add the cooked salmon and serve! Try it with some muttar pulao!

Another great way to find quick recipes is going asian. This 10-minute basil chicken and broccoli stir-fry is a dream for those nights when you want healthy and quick. If you have an extra 10 mins take a moment to velvet the chicken (marinate with cornstarch and soya sauce) and you will get that restaurant style soft juicy chicken every time! Got a few extra minutes? Make some mango sticky rice to go with it for dessert!

Have you tried my mom’s tangy masala tardka daal yet? This one super easy to make but is packed with flavour. It is mostly hands off cooking time while soaking and boiling the daal. Then, right before serving you top it with mom’s (not so) secret family recipe for a masala mix that my mom graciously allowed me to share on here and a garlicky tardka (tempering). You won’t ever eat plain daal ever again once you have tried it this way!

One thing we have an abundance of in our kitchen during ramadan is dates! And for some reason that sweet tooth really comes out for me during ramadan. Enter this sticky date pudding. More like a cake its a processed sugar free spin on sticky toffee pudding. This is one of those ‘you can’t just eat one bite’ kinda recipes.

Another great and easy dessert is my mom’s crispy seviyyan bites. Bascially a desi version of rice crispy squares, without the marshmallows so they are totally vegetarian too! πŸ™‚

What will you be cooking up for the month?

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