Whole30 Week 4 Meal Plan

Home Stretch (-ish)!

Almost there. For me this is where my brain is like. You have basically made it, you donโ€™t need to go the whole 30 days. 28 is the same thing as 30, right?

For some reason as soon as I start feeling better, thinner, more energetic I think it it time I can go back to eating a few not so healthy things. And then those few, become a few more and then we are back to feeling crappy again. It’s a vicious cycle that I know I do, but for some reason I can’t stop. Without something like a Whole30 type reset, I will spiral out of control. So a month or so of clean eating really helps me pay more attention to what I’m eating and hopefully get more used to making healthier choices.

Motivation is down to a minus 1000 right now. I just want all the bread and rice. I’ve been so good. I miss good ‘ole rice. I do love that I don’t get that bloated and yucky feeling anymore. But eating like this 100% of the time is not fun either. I need a balance of the good and the bad. Just finding that balance is the challenge.

To top it off, itโ€™s thanksgiving weekend! (Thatโ€™s just bad planning on my part, should have started our Whole30 sooner!) Inevitably we will have a family feast to contend with this upcoming weekend! I am not going to be too strict about it. If I want to enjoy some dessert or some bread I will. But I do feel that the one thing that this last few weeks has taught me is how to balance my plate and having more self control when it comes to food.

I no longer feel the need to eat all the things. I don’t crave sweets, or other foods that I would normally binge on. I have gotten better at making sure I eat my veggies and choosing my treats wisely. I will only indulge when it is absolutely worth it for something that I really like. If I take a bite and I don’t like, it I will not force myself to finish it. No more just eating for the sake of eating, or eating past the point of being full. And I think that for me, this is a very healthy way to eat.

The Meal Plan This Week

  • Monday – we will eat up any leftovers from the weekend, and make some Grilled Chicken Kale Caesar for dinner.
  • Tuesday – Merchant Family Ninja Kebabs (a recipe my mother in-law taught me and my husband loves – recipe post coming soon) and Mac-olli & Cheez (inspired by @sandraseasycooking )
  • Wednesday – Paleo Pho with Shirataki Noodles and Sirloin (recipe to come)
  • Thursday – Paleo Pho with shredded chicken (I get a store bought rotisserie chicken and just shred that up)
  • Friday – Mom’s Shrimp Coconut Curry (recipe to come) & Cauli Rice with Salad Greens.
  • Saturday & Sunday – We are travelling to visit J’s sister for the weekend, so we will have to figure things out at their place. I will pack some of our staples like Nutpods and probably do a small grocery run when we get there to stock up on essentials like avocado and sweet potato.

If we need a snack this week I have all the ingredients for these paleo key lime Bars, so I might give those a try. They seem almost like a homemade larabar or Rx bar. Great for travelling. And we can always eat fruit or a handful of nuts. I also like to keep an emergency jar of mixed nuts in the car for J since he tends to get hungry when driving.

For thanksgiving dinner I will try to make a few compliant things for us all to share. Like a dairy free mash potato or roasted butternut squash. But I am not going to be too strict about it. I hate making the host feel awkward about my food restrictions especially if I don’t have any serious allergies. It is a personal choice, and I am grateful that they take the time to care for us and feed us. So if they offer me something that looks delicious and I want to eat it, I will! As always, come check out my stories to see what we get up to!

The good news is we are almost there and re-introductions will start toward the end of next week! If I do manage to keep it clean this weekend, we will try slowly reintroducing certain food groups to see how our bodies react.

Stay tuned to see how that goes!

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