Ramadan Recipe Roundup

It is almost Ramadan! Is it me or does it always seems to just creep up on you? Almost like its a few days earlier every year or something… πŸ˜‰

For those of you fasting this year, I am right there with you. It is going to be a really weird year of fasting while social distancing though. Especially during this time of year which is so much about sharing food with family and friends. I am seriously considering how to make this seem less lonely. Virtual iftar with the family may become a regular thing for us. How are you planning on adjusting traditions so that you get to really enjoy this next month?

Part of the excitement for Ramadan is all the delicious ramadan meals we get to have. There are certain foods that I seem to eat only during this month. For example this is the only time of year I will drink my childhood favourite rooh afza, a rose flavoured sugary drink that honestly is just a whole bunch of sugar in water. But the flavour is soooo good. And so refreshing after a long day of fasting. I also made a much less sugary and healthier version rose water refresher. But I will still indulge in the real deal this month.

Im also a big fan of all the delicious iftar snacks, samosas, spring rolls, kebabs etc.

Last year I shared a few healthy meal recipe ideas for Ramadan. This year, I got some more tasty ideas for you! Many are perfect to make ahead, so there is minimal cooking during fasting. And I will be post my fave spring rolls recipe this month too! Stay tuned!

I also have a free download all about how to make your fast healthy. Download my Intermittent Fasting basics guide here.

Ramadan Recipe Roundup 2020

Sindhi Biryani

Starting off big with my favourite Mom’s sindhi biryani. Make the chicken masala ahead of time, and freeze. Then when you feel like biryani, defrost the chicken mixture, cook up some fresh rice, add the chicken masala and biryani will be ready in 30 minutes! All the carby goodness tastes even better after fasting.

Shami Kebabs

An old fave. My version of shami kebab is a paleo version that is free of lentils so it is easier on the stomach. This is actually much needed as our bodies are detoxing during the fasting. Another great make ahead and freeze for later recipe.

Date & Nut Energy Balls

These easy date and nut energy balls are perfect for breaking your fast. They are made up of all the things you need to get a quick boost of energy after your fast. And they use up all those boxes of mejdool dates I know you have lying around this month.

Easy Beef Kofta

Another great make and freeze for later. These beef kofta are bomb just on their own, or throw them into a curry, roll them into a pita, paratha, or toss them on some pasta. Very versatile.

Pistacio Rose Cake

And I know you want some dessert. So why not try this addictively yummy pistachio rose cake. Its loaded with good fats which you need after a long fast. This is a must try.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! Hope this month is kind to you and your loved ones. Stay safe! And let me know in the comments below what your fave Ramadan food is?

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