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Hey Guys! I am off work for the holidays now and totally enjoying it. While I am totally allowing myself all sorts of indulgences this holiday season, I am also starting to think about our #januarywhole30 that J and I will be doing in the new year.

Incase you don’t know what Whole30 is, it is a way to clean up your diet and discover what foods may or may not be affecting your health. We basically commit to eating clean, whole foods for 30 days to allow our bodies to reset. Then we add certain foods back in to see how it makes us feel. You really can learn a lot about your body and how food affects everything from your energy levels, sleep, mood and even how you look.

You can read about it more here. But essentially it is a very clean paleo diet focusing on eating only whole fruits, veggies, meats. No sugar or artificial sweetener, no dairy (cheese, milk etc.), no legumes (lentils, beans, peanuts etc.), no grains (wheat, rice, quinoa etc.), no additives (carrageenan, MSG, sulphites) and no junk food.

The idea is to avoid anything that will negatively effect your body’s health and fitness. Grains for example are very hard to digest and lead to large spikes in blood sugar and energy crashes. Legumes are another one that are really hard to digest in the gut. It is also a great way to see if something in your diet is what is causing other issues such as allergies, skin issues, aches and pains etc.

Since a successful whole30 is like 90% about the prep, my goal is to start our Whole 30 on Jan 7 so that I have time to prep the weekend prior to starting.

I can find most of my required groceries at my local grocery stores (Whole Foods and Loblaws are my go to places). But some items are easier to buy through Natura Market online. So every few months I will place an order with them.

Here is the what I ordered from Natura Market this weekend to get me ready for our Whole30:

Coconut Butter – This is great used like a nut butter, or add to sauces to give it a creamy texture, but also just eaten by the spoonful when you need a sweet hit of something. I rarely find this brand in stores, and it is my fav one.

Coconut Aminos – I use these in place of anything that needs soy sauce. Like my beef & broccoli. I actually like the taste of this better than soy sauce. And it contains less sodium!

Coconut Milk – depending on where you shop, it can be hard to find clean coconut milk. Most contain carrageenan which is used as a thickener but has been shown to be linked to cancer and should be avoided it Whole30 or not!

Sugar Free Ketchup – Normal ketchup is basically sugar with a little bit of tomato. This was a hard adjustment for me since I love me some ketchup. But this Canadian brand tastes great and is totally whole30 compliant! It is sweetened with dates and is now my fav ketchup even when not Whole30-ing

Fish Sauce – Another staple for me since I love to cook thai or asian foods. This one is without the soy, MSG or preservatives that are common in most fish sauces.

NutPods Coffee Creamer – The one thing I cannot do is black coffee. This non-dairy creamer is the best one I have ever had. The only place I can find it in my area is on Natura Market and it is worth every penny. Personally I only buy the original flavour. I was not a fan of the others that I have tried (Hazlenut and Vanilla).

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – these are a staple for us now and I add one of these to every order from Natura Market. We add a scoop to our coffee every morning for the extra protein and to help improve skin, hair and nails (ok so maybe that is just for me… poor J has a limited supply of hair to begin with πŸ˜‰

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