My Top 5 Kitchen Essential Tools

Rounding up my current top 5 kitchen essentials

I thought I would share a round up of a few of my current favourite kitchen tools that I consider my essentials. I reach for them almost every time I cook, and they make life so much easier. (P.s. they would also make great gifts for that amateur chef in your life!)

Here is a round up of my current top 5 kitchen tools (and a special discount code for you too!)

1. A Sharp Chefs Knife & Knife Sharpener

A chefs knife is my favourite knife of them all. It took me a bit of practice to get used to working with the chefs knife, but now it is my go to knife.ย  Currently I have two that I alternate between, one is myย Rachel Ray one and the other we got from Kitchen Stuff Plus (KSP). Both work fine, but what makes them shine is the knife sharpener (also from KSP). Just a couple of swipes through this baby and it feels like cutting butter.

A sharp knife is key to making meal prep go fast and saving your finger nails.

I like to sharpen almost every time I use it. It makes the chopping go much faster, and can be the difference between keeping your fingernails and getting an unplanned manicure.

2. One (or three) Good Blender(s)/Food Processor

I own three different types of blenders/food processors and each has a different purpose. Of course, I don’t think you need three. But it does show you how important it is in my kitchen. I own a Vitamix which we use for shakes, making bulletproof coffees every morning and some sauces (like my dairy free mac n’ cheeze sauce – check my instagram story highlights for that one!). I also own a basic Cuisinart food processor for the major chopping/grating jobs like onions, carrots, zucchini or making cauliflower rice. And finally I have a mini Cuisinart hand blender that I will use for smaller chopping jobs (like ginger and garlic) or making sauces or blending soups.

Making pesto in my trusty Cusinart food processor

It is hard to pick just one, but for sure I would say my hand blender is the one I use the most often.

3. An Apron

Always use protection in the kitchen – wear an apron ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am ashamed to admit how many shirts I have ruined because I was too lazy to change or wear something to protect my clothes while I cooked. It is just not worth taking the risk. When cooking, you never know when an errant drop of oil could land on your clothes. There is no going back from certain stains. Turmeric and I are not friends because of it.ย Always use protection!ย 

I own several aprons, but recently KOA Provisions sent me this snazzy little number, and it is my current fav! They specialize in aprons for chefs and custom make them to suit you. I got the classic apron and requested it be customized to fit my petite 5″0 frame. I even got to choose the colours of fabric for my apron! The apron itself is made from a very high quality fabric that is tested by restaurant chefs, so you know it will take everything you throw at it. I am loving my new apron!

They even make matching aprons for those little chefs in your life. How cute is that?!

Also, as a bonus KOA Provisions have offered a special discount code to my readers! Just use the code RUESTORY10 for 10% off your first order! Plus, they are donating $5 from each purchase to charity! How great is that?!

This would make an amazing gift for the foodie in your life!

4. A Non-Stick Frying Pan

I love my Heritage the Rock non-stick frying pans

These Heritage the Rock frying pansย are fantastic. I lucked out and found a pack of 2 at Costco last summer. The pans are nice and heavy and the non-stick coating doesn’t peel off after a couple of washes. They really help reduce the amount of oil we use in our cooking. And just look at how sexy this fried egg is when cooked in a non-stick pan? I mean seriously.

Make a perfect fried egg every time in a non-stick pan.

Did I mention J is the master at making a fried egg? And he is no cook. The tools can really make all the difference when you cook!

Just remember to treat them with care: Don’t ever use a metal utensil on a non-stick pan, don’t scrub with a metal scrubber in the wash, and don’t put it in the dishwasher! Even if you buy a cheaper quality non-stick pan, if you treat them right, they should last you a while.

5. Non-Stick Baking Mats (or Silpat)

Obviously parchment paper can do the same job. But I actually prefer using my Silpat or this non-stick silicone baking matย (I own both!) over parchment when lining my baking sheets.

I like using a non-stick baking mat to line my baking sheets for baking…

It is also really great to use when rolling out dough. Nothing sticks to it, so your counters remain clean, and it makes for a very easy clean up and are good for the environment. They are well worth the cost and take up little to no room since they roll up for storage.

…and for rolling out dough to make it easier to roll and save time on the clean-up

What’s your top 5 kitchen essentials?

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