My Black Friday Picks (2019)

Here it is. Arguably the biggest shopping day of the year. I think it is so crazy that, until a few years ago in Canada our equivalent to Black Friday was Boxing Day (the day after Christmas). However, even that did not compare to what it is in the USA.

I am glad we brought it across the border though. Having a day full of discounts makes way more sense before the holidays than after!

But of course like everything in retail, they got to take it to the next level. In a few short years, we have gone from one day of sales to almost a whole month of deals!

I’ve been seeing ‘Early Black Friday Sale’ ads for weeks now. Anything to get you to spend your money right? I am not complaining. More time to shop for presents and treat yourself!

Do you shop for yourself or for gifts on Black Friday?

I do a bit of both, but there is a whole lot of stocking up on my faves or treating myself to that one expensive item I’ve been eyeing. This year though, I really don’t have a whole lot on my list. I try not to get too distracted by all the good deals.

My rule is: if I was not going to buy it full price, then why would I buy it now?

So even though my list was short, I still ended up stocking up on some old fave’s that I was almost out of.

These are some of my favourite basic things that are now on sale,and totally worth it.

Anything from Kristen Ess Hair Product Line

This is my go to hair product line. It is really great quality for the price and almost everything I use has been great.

Iv’e tried almost everything in the line, and my top 3 favourite items are this Beach Wave Spray, Leave-in Conditioner, and this Blow Dry Mist. There are many more, but that would be an entire blog post in itself.

I use these products almost daily and love how my hair looks and feels when I use them. And the price is so reasonable.

They are also all 30% off right now on (till Dec 1)! Time to stock up!

Knix Wear Undies

I have mixed feelings about Knix wear. I love the brand and what they stand for. They are very inclusive in their advertising and strive to be inclusive in all their sizing. But for me, their bras just don’t fit right. I really wanted to love them. But it just does’t work for my petite but curvy body.

But their undies. Those are another story. I LOVE them. They are great quality, feel weightless on, and last forever as long as you don’t put them in the dryer. I like buying the mystery 3 packs that come in random colours. These undies are not cheap, but definitely worth it for something that I wear everyday. I am stocking up now that they are about 40% off.

Paula’s Choice Skin Care

I have been using Paula’s Choice since high school, and although I like to mix it up and try new products, I always go back to my basics at Paulas.

They are having 25% off best sellers and 20% site wide for Black Friday. Great time to stock up (if you are on the mailing list you got the discount ahead of time).

The things I buy on repeat are:

Costco Gift Cards

This is a random one but the deal is so good I had to mention it. Costco Online (Canada – not sure about the USA) is currently offering gift cards for lower than face value.

So it is like getting free money.

For example, I got $25 I tunes gift cards for $20!

Great idea for gifts if you need to stock up! Or for yourself. Who would say no to free money?!

Cupcakes & Cashmere Earrings

This is one thing I did treat myself to. If you have seen me on IG Stories, you have for sure seen me wearing my collection of earrings from Cupcakes and Cashmere Shop.

I have 3 holes in each ear, and I love to dress them up. And these guys know how to have an ear party.

I had my eye on a few more of these dainty pieces this time around, and with the Black Friday discount, I added to my collection.

They are offering tiered discount that increases the more you buy:

15% off purchase of $1 to $99; 20% off $100 to $199 purchase; and 25% off $200+ purchases. Plus an additional 15% off some of the staff pick items with the code: THANKS .

They don’t have sales often, so now is a good time to buy if something catches your eye.

Here are the earrings I own currently:

The only problem with them is that they don’t ship to Canada, so I have to make use of my friends and family in the USA to get my hands on these. But they are totally worth it (I am told that they will start shipping to Canada soon though!).

Natura Market Favs

And of course I have to have at least one foodie item.

As you may know, I love most of the things I have tried from Natura Market. And for one day (till midnight tonight!) they are having a sale on almost all of my favorite items.

So I am definitely stocking up.

Here’s what I like to get from Natura Market on the reg:

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