Top 5 Black Friday Tech Deals 2019 (according to J)

I interrupt my usual foodie focused content for my other love – Shopping.

Are you planning on partaking in the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday this year?

Personally, I love any excuse to shop. J is not as much of a shopaholic as I am. But he is a sucker for a good deal. He is also a tech nut. And finding a good deal on tech is basically what Black Friday is all about. So Black Friday is like a dream come true for him. All I’ve heard him talk about this past week is all the great deals on tech and electronics.

So I thought why not share with you too, incase some of you are wondering what the good deals are, or need some inspiration of what to get for that tech lover in your life.

So here are J’s top 5 Tech Deals for Black Friday 2019:

Samsung Frame TV

This TV has been on our wish list for a while. I love how the TV looks like art but actually is a functional TV. If we needed a new TV, this would be on the list. It’s on sale at Best Buy for $1,700 . Which is way below the normally $2,000+ price tag.

Dyson V7

We have owned a Dyson vacuum since we got married over 10 years ago. It was on our gift registry and we were lucky enough to get one then. Since then, it had one minor issue with the motor about 7 years in. We sent it back to Dyson to get fixed, and for about $150 it was back to new. And it’s still going strong.

If we needed to replace it, this is the one we would be buying. Regularly $500, it will be on sale for $350 starting on Nov 28. And it is cordless! But since our current one just won’t quit on us, we shall wait till it is time to replace this one. Maybe next year.

10TB External Desktop Drive

The fact that you can store 10 TB of data in something that can sit on your desk is mind boggling to me. For $200 this is a great deal. 10TB is a whole lot of photos and videos.

Google Nest Hub

This is is one we are probably going to buy. Regularly $169, as of Black Friday it will be $89! We absolutely do not need it. But I do see the appeal of upgrading our current google home. So looks like we will be getting this next weekend.

Canon M100 Mirrorless Camera

Another thing that I would love to get but will refrain, is this mirrorless camera.

I absolutely love my current DSLR. I have owned the same one for over 10 years. It is the Canon Rebel T3i. And it works really well (most of the pictures you see on this blog were taken on that camera). The only gripe I have with it is how heavy it is and that I cannot directly share my photos from the camera to my phone. So to have a camera that is mirrorless and with bluetooth connectivity would be amazing!

But I don’t really need it, since my current camera works just fine.

If you are in the market for a DSLR though, I would totally recommend this one. For $400 (down from $700) this is a great deal.

Those are our fav deals this year. What deals do you have your eye on?

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