Gifts for the hard to buy for

Am I the only one that always has a list of things I want to buy but don’t ’cause you know, responsible adulting.

Most of the time if I really want something I will buy it, as long as I can get it past my husband without him noticing of course πŸ˜‰ But there is always that list of things that I just covet but don’t buy.

Of course if someone wanted to buy me some of these things I would not be mad about it πŸ˜‰

So, I thought I would share my most coveted items right now. And as it so happens, it is right in time for the mad holiday shopping rush, so maybe you can find something for someone on your gift list on sale this weekend? Or a gift for yourself. ‘Cause those are the best gifts right?

Gifts for the hard to buy for
My Saje collection keeps growing!

1. Saje Wellness Products

I have been a bit obsessed with Saje Wellness for the past year now. I love their diffuser scents (‘liquid sunshine‘ is my fav!), echinacea throat spray for when I’m sick (tastes gross but it really works!), and their roll on remedies. I have been using Saje for about a year now, and I am still truly amazed how well this stuff actually works.

The other day my mother was complaining of some pain in her wrist. She rolled on some of my ‘pain release’ remedy from Saje and lo and behold her pain was gone! J has a pretty finicky stomach. So he will roll on some ‘eaters digest’ on his belly, and 5 minutes later he says he’s feeling better. I really want to get a pocket farmacy for myself to keep in my purse because it really is that good! (And they aren’t paying me to say this. I just love it that much).

I also love their headache duo kit that came with a peppermint halo a head massager (I can’t seem to find this on the website anymore – but hopefully it comes back). Just dip the ends of the massager in peppermint halo and then give yourself a head massage. It is like magic! Also I am told that peppermint halo stimulates hair growth, so why not?!

Gifts everyone can love
Peppermint Halo and a head massager = Bliss!

Now I don’t know if some of this is placebo effect, or if there really is something to our olfactory (aka smell) sensors affecting health. But I am a big fan. Saje has been my go to for gifts for almost everyone on my list this year! And they get bonus points for being a Canadian company!

(Pro tip: They rarely put their products on sale, so keep an eye out on Black Friday or Boxing Day when they normally take 20% off everything!)

2. Sephora Gift Sets

I love the holiday gift sets that Sephora comes out with. Especially anything to do with skin care. I love trying out new products but hate to fully commit to a full sized product unless I absolutely love it. They always have gift packs with sample sizes of popular products.

Last year I bought myself a hair mask one that had several different brands of hair masks (they don’t seem to have that this year). This year I bought myself the Fresh Mask for Miles face mask set. I love their rose face mask, so I wanted to try some of the other masks from the brand. Others I am coveting right now are this ole henricksen set of their most popular face care products or this Sephora Favs set of face care products. Even my husband gets in on the face mask action on the weekends.

It is taking a whole lot of willpower for me to hold back on buying more from them. Especially when they keep sending me 20% off everything deals in my email! Now if only Canada Post would deliver my packages soon so I can actually use the things I just bought!

3. Gift Box Subscriptions

These have been my go to gift for those people who are hard to buy for. There are so many good ones out there.

They always do such a good job of curating a few really good items that are useful to the person you are giving the gift to depending on their interest or demographic. Sometimes I just buy one box as a gift, other times I will gift an entire annual or quarterly subscription, depending on budget. They are so fun to give/receive and unbox and it feels like you are giving a whole lot, without too much effort!

A few that I have tried and loved are:

  • For Him: Gentlemen’s Box – I bought this for J for his birthday once and he absolutely loved it. I also loved that it added some extra style to his wardrobe that he would not buy for himself.
  • For Him (or Her): TekCrates – for that tech lover in your life this box was gifted to J once and he keeps begging for another subscription!
  • For Her: Box of Style – this is on the more expensive side for a gift box subscription, but I think the products are worth much more than what you pay for the box, so it is well worth it. I have loved every box I got this past year. I meant to cancel that subscription after the first year, but honestly I just forgot, and I am not mad about another year of getting these gift boxes  (FYI – if you click on the link above to order, both of us can get $25 off our next box ;).
  • For Her: I love the unique pouches that Ipsy gift subscription products come in.
  • For Kids: Kiwi Box sends cool educational toys based on different age groups and levels of development. (I am trying this one for the first time this year for my 1 year old niece. They have been delayed on shipment though, so I can’t speak to the quality, as she has not received them yet).
Gifts for the hard to buy for 3
Keeping warm in my custom toque from HereRightHere!

4. Anything from HereRightHere’s Etsy shop

And of course a blatant plug for my sister’s Etsy shop: HereRightHere! Her gorgeous handmade goodies for baby, mommy and home are great for every age.

I love my pompom toque that she custom made for me! I got to pick the colours of my hat and even the pompom! You get to support a small local business, and get something unique and hand made with love. What could be better? πŸ™‚

Shes doing a couple of holiday markets this year so if you are local to the Toronto area you can even go check out her stuff in person. Check out her Instagram page to get more info.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas on what to buy for people on your list. Or at the very least what to buy me because #decemberbaby πŸ˜‰

What’s your top gift to give / receive this season?

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